What is your NIE?

Article 206 of the Regulations of Organic Law 4/2000, refers to the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and covers their social integration, approved by Royal Decree 557/2011 20th of April. It states that foreigners having a realtionship with Spain for economic, professional or social interests shall be provided with a unique and exclusive number for identification purposes.

The NIE can be applied for at the Directorate-General of the Police or directly through Spain's Consular Posts abroad.

Applications need to be submitted to the relevent authorities in the district that the applicant resides, either in person or by a duly accredited representative.

 The application must be supported by a copy of the photo page of the applicants passport, it advisable to take the passport along also, (EU citizens can provide their EU identification) plus proof of the economic, professional or social interests that will support the application. 

 Officially issued by the National Police of Spain the NIE is used to monitor economic or  professional activity and once you have obtained one it will remain yours permanently and can be used across Spain regardless of the region where it was originally issued. The number is also is linked to Social Security and Residence activity, it is indispensable. From buying a house or a car or taking an amazon delivery at your home you will be asked for your NIE.


Who needs an NIE?

Any non-Spaniard who buys a property in Spain, should a couple buy a property here and register it jointly both parties must obtain NIE’s.

Any non-Spaniard who becomes resident for tax purposes in Spain.

Anyone who wants to work or start a business here.


The Application Process.

Spanish bureaucracy can at times be frustrating and at other times merely bewildering. Interpretation of regulations and their implementation can vary from one autonomous region to another. In one region you may need to book an appointment in advance (this is called a cita previa) and you could still queue for hours with all the documents you need ready to present. In other regions you could walk in with your documents and leave 30 minutes later with your NIE. 


There are three ways to apply: in person, in person via a Spanish Consular office abroad or through a representative in Spain.

 At a Police Station in person while you are in Spain is simple enough but be prepared to queue it could be several hours or thirty minutes.


What are you going to need?

Two copies of the application form (EX-15) filled out and signed, documentation supporting your reason for applying, a house purchase, a mortgage approval, opening a bank account. It could be you have family here and you wish to spend more time with them.

EU nationals need to bring their passport and a copy of the photo page showing the passport number and the holders name and address.  

Non-EU nationals need to have the same documentation and confirmation that they entered Spain legally a valid entry stamp in the passport should be acceptable.   

The next step is to take all the required documents and visit the Comisaria de Policia as the offices that issue NIE’s are found here (Oficina de Extranjeros) your nearest one can be located on the official Spanish Government website.

A trip to the bank is needed to pay the tax around 10€ to 12€, for the application, you will receive  a receipt and this needs to be attached to the EX-15 form.

With all the correct documentation to hand the EX-15 can be submitted and if all is well you could receive your  NIE there and then. In some parts of Spain you could be asked to return at another time to collect it.

At Come to Spain Group S.L. we understand the administrative and bureaucratic hurdles that Spain sometimes presents. Our team can help with all of the elements that are needed to be a successful homeowner here from mortgage advice or opening a bank account to currency transfers and obtaining that all important NIE.

Should you require any information about buying a property in Spain please do not hesitate to contact us or you can Join Us  to receive regular updates and information on various topics about life in Spain.  


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