How to get connected to an electricity company in Spain


 You have found the home you have searched for in Spain. Now you need to consider getting your utilities connected.


The supply of electricity in Spain is delivered by two different entities, firstly distributors their responsibility is to distribute the supply. Secondly and as a domestic consumer electricity is purchased via commercial sales companies and they are responsible for the sale of domestic electricity.

In the Murcian and Valencian Communities electricity can be supplied from a number of commercial suppliers including: Iberdrola, Endesa and Fenosa (Gas & Electricity), among others.             


The Electricity Market in Spain.

The Spanish energy market was deregulated in the early 2000’s since then customers have been able to source energy from the various suppliers in the marketplace. However there are certain regions in Spain where electricity is only available from one supplier and choice is not an option.

The connection of all utilities can be arranged during the buying process and as part of our dedicated after-sales operation Come to Spain Group S.L. offer this service. We understand that checking tariffs and supply agreements between the energy company and the client to get the correct energy supply on the correct tariff is important.

Should you need to be connected a technician from the distribution company will do this ensuring that  the contracted supply is correct for the dwelling. If it is a case of transferring the supply from the previous owner the new owner needs make sure that the bills are all paid up to date or they will be liable for any unpaid electricity usage. 


Electricity Bills In Spain.

There are various ways to pay your electricity bill in Spain. Through your Spanish Bank account via direct debit, at local banks and the Correos (Post Office) there should be a list on the bill itself.

The  advent of smart meter technology has removed the ’estimated amount’ so you will only pay for what has been consumed, however it is advisable to keep an eye on what your energy bill is and look to ways of reducing the consumption and cost.

Spanish power supply.

Spain uses 220-230v at 50Hz, fairly similar to the UK, where 230-240v at 50Hz is used. Most appliances you buy in the UK or in Spain are rated between 220-240v so should work equally well in either country.


Connection costs.

Most of the connection charges are the same across Spain whoever the supplier is and these costs include:

A newly built or previously non-connected dwelling will carry a mains connection charge to the grid, access and extension charges, meter costs. Spain is in the process of installing smart meters this installation is free but there is fee for the meter included in the monthly bill although in some areas you can purchase the meter outright.

If the property purchased is within a Community of Owners normally you will find that utility connections are included in the price of the property and the developer will not charge buyers anything.


Choosing a supplier

If it is a new connection you will need to choose a supplier and arrange the installation. If the property is already connected and you do not want to change supplier the process is simple, contact the supplier either through the internet or phone giving them the details of the new person who is responsible for payment of the bills. They will do the rest.

Should a new owner wish to change supplier this is also a simple process, the new supplier will need to know:

Name, NIE number, contact details of the contract holder, full address and of course bank details for direct debit instruction (it is the easiest method). It would be advisable to obtain a previous but recent electricity bill as most of the information on supply will be included on it.  

As previously mentioned Come to Spain Group S.L. have a dedicated after-sales policy that includes the administration of utility connections for the new owner of a property. This is one part of the many services we offer to make the purchase of your new home go smoothly.

Should you require any information about buying a property in Spain please do not hesitate to contact us or you can Join Us  to receive regular updates and information on various topics about life in Spain.  


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