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“If our homes should provide anything, they should provide a sense of who we are and how we got here, a sense of connection balanced by a sense of direction and progress.”  Sir Terence Conran.


With over 50 books that broadly reflect his design philosophy published (selling 250 million copies worldwide) Sir Terence Conran  has been involved in architecture and interior design since the 1960’s. He played a major role in the re-generation of the Shad Thames area of London in the 1990’s. A major influencer still highly active today Conran & Partners is a design company comprising product, brand and interior designers and architects working on projects all over the world.

Professional interior design of a building is an art form bordering on a science.

To enhance the various interior elements  of a building and achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space takes planning, research and coordination.

It is a multifaceted undertaking that includes development at the conceptual level and planning of the spaces to be internally designed. Programming, site inspections, good communication with the homeowner will be required to ensure a successful execution of the design.

The creation of inspirational internal spaces sometimes takes sustained effort but will make good first impressions with guests and is something that homeowners can take great pride from.

Good interior design when creating the perfect place to be says a lot about the people inhabiting that space.

There are a number of elements that need to be taken in to consideration and one is lighting, it can make or break even the best interior design. If you would like to impress your guests with thrilling home design be sure to get the lighting right. With the choices today of LED lighting and the advances in bulb technology all kind of effects can be achieved with lighting but whichever you do choose go with something that calls attention and will trigger a visual focus.

Using the natural light is another tool that can be employed when implementing impeccable home design here in Spain. Impressive eye catching accessories combined with stainless steel and crystal can be used to inspire and enthuse your visitors from the moment they step into your home. 


Colour is closely related to light.

Your choice of colour is important and again can impact highly on the interior design ideas that you have so painstakingly implemented. Choose colours and forms that are appealing and pleasing to the eye. You may want your décor to stand out but be careful as being subtle with colour can also speak volumes in the right setting.

Be seen to be green. Plants can be used to great effect when making your home stand out, whether outside or inside. Your entrance hall is a good place to start and a couple of large well placed plants can inexpensively elevate the impact of your interior design. Used throughout the home the variation, abundance and unique species found in the Mediterranean can compliment the best of interior design.

You rarely get a second chance to create a first impression and your entrance hall will normally be the first place your guests will be when visiting your home. Open plan and bright is a good option when considering this space and it is easily achieved with the amount and quality of the natural light here in Spain. Finishing touches also elevate the interior design and should not be overlooked, a console table in the entrance hall together with some complimentary wall art can create the perfect welcome.

With the addition of a couple of stylish chairs that match the colour scheme the welcoming effect in the entrance hall can be further enhanced. This is not purely a cosmetic element the entrance hall can be used for putting on coats and shoes before going out and the reverse when returning home.

If you are happy to spend that little bit more on the interior decoration of your home bespoke pieces of furniture will complete the desired effect. Choose things that have a truly unique design and when  placed correctly they will be focal points, conversation starters, a stylish bookcase, an unusual coffee table, functional one-off pieces that will enthuse and inspire yourself and your guests. 

Whatever you decide to do with ‘your place to be’ Come to Spain Group S.L. in conjunction with our architectural partners Pacheco & Asociados will be with you to create interior spaces that are truly remarkable. 

Should you require any information about buying a property in Spain please do not hesitate to contact us or you can Join Us  to receive regular updates and information on various topics about life in Spain.  

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