Using the virtual world to view properties in Spain

Those among us who are tech-savvy will be aware of the tools available to assist in the purchase of a property abroad. 

Virtual viewings, video meetings on Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom among other platforms are becoming the norm when refining the search for the perfect home.

These tools are even more useful given the current circumstances with the Coronavirus pandemic that is affecting all aspects of our lives. In this information age more and more of the time, expense and activity we employ to buy a property abroad will change and there will be a growth of virtual activity throughout the process.

Virtual viewings and drone footage of the surrounding area will assist the buyer in opting for or eliminating the property from the search and therefore when it is time to physically visit the properties under consideration the buyer will be looking at a highly self-filtered shortlist of dwellings.     

Video meetings face to face and in real time facilitate good information exchanges enabling the parties involved to make important decisions together from anywhere in the world.

The decision to buy a particular property is only the beginning of the journey and there will be questions to be asked and meetings to be held the solution is virtual.

Despite the current conditions of restricted movement and inter-country travel finding and owning home in Spain is still a thing people want to do so we will adapt and work towards the goals we set but merely in a different way. 

Come to Spain Group S.L. is a state of the art forward looking group that adapts and innovates as the market changes we understand the importance of the power of communication.

Should you require any information about buying a property in Spain please do not hesitate to contact us or you can Join Us  to receive regular updates and information on various topics about life in Spain. 



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