Coming to Spain? What you need to know as you begin the process

This will require you to evaluate your mid - to long - term needs including a budgetary evaluation. Location is a key element to be considered what town or area? Are you close to the amenities you like to use? Do you want to be in a residential area is the countryside more appealing or do you want to be closer to a beach?

Then there is the question of the house itself. What size property, is it for family and friends? Will you need a pool, garden and what type of outside space? The more information you accrue the easier it will be to find the perfect home.

Where to start your search

Your wish list has been compiled you now know what you want and don’t want. In the internet world we now live in there are several ways of looking for a property and your best starting point is online. Most buyers visit property portals such as rightmove and thinkSpain. These virtual shop windows are easy to browse and using your wish list to refine your search, properties that you are likely to be interested in can be found.  


The next step

At this point you will have enough knowledge and the information gathered will enable you to approach estate agencies with confidence. It makes sense and will pay dividends later to engage an estate agent that speaks English as well as Spanish the benefits being that the contractual and legal documents will be translated and explained to you easily. Come to Spain Group S.L. and our architectural services partner Pacheco & Asociados are perfectly placed to offer you the expertise and professional guidance on all aspects of the purchase of a property in Spain (in English). In this specialised market after-sales services are key to delivering the perfect home and we are here to assist and advise long after the purchase process is complete.

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